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Monsterworks CGI Namespace List

Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
monsterworksNamespace containing all Monsterworks code
monsterworks::cgiNamespace for CGI specifc code
monsterworks::cgi::NCaptureHandles capturing CGI data to be used for debugging
monsterworks::cgi::NEnvironmentA namespace for handling the environment variables in a CGI request
monsterworks::cgi::NFormA namespace for handling form input
monsterworks::cgi::NHTMLWriterA class designed to write out HTML text
monsterworks::cgi::NWWWCodecUtility class for converting strings to and from URL encoding
monsterworks::cppNamespace for generic C++ code
monsterworks::macNamespace for Mac specific code

monsterworks Code by Monsterworks. Made available under the GNU Public License.
Documentation by doxygen.